Finding free fonts, that aren’t super weird, equals time-suck. Finding good font pairings, is even more consuming. I find a lot of Pinteresty, hobby ideas, that would look great on stationary. Adapting those for eye-catching ads or graphic elements, takes a little more looking.

If you’re searching for some fresh, easy font combinations, check out the ideas below.

Graphic Idea using free fonts

Impact Font

Similar to Tahoma font, Impact typeface has become by go-to tall, block font when I need something clean for a design. It’s a free web font and widespread to the point that it’s a favorite for easy-read situations, like memes.

While it can be a bit bland, and overused, it’s useful if you’re playing with typography ideas. Cut-outs and risky color combinations can make the most of its readability.

When paired with Diner Fat Regular, your graphic can put the focus back on the other elements of the design.

Cooper Black

I’m always on the hunt for bubbly, fun fonts that aren’t too Corel-Draw cheesy. Cooper Black stands very close to that line. It’s thick and bold, with a bit of an ironic, retro vibe.

It’s actually very old, developed in 1922. If you’re trying to do something that has a serious throwback look, this font delivers nostalgia without being too on-the-nose.

If you pair it with Proxima Nova, the resulting design can be a new take on a vintage style. Personally, I like it for child-inspired themes like ice-cream parlors or candy shops.

A Little Sunshine

In general, I hate handwriting fonts. They look very predictable, recalling the adorkable side of Tumblr. In general, I prefer clean and often masculine designs.

However, if a project calls for something a little bit more precious, I use A Little Sunshine, sparingly.

Combined with Franklin Gothic Heavy, darling designs don’t dissolve into something too sweet.


Sometimes, you need a hyper-styled font on a time crunch. If you don’t have the time to put together your own design, Freakshow font offers a workable range of fun drop caps.

Putting it with Barlow Font ensures that your design doesn’t cross over into something too ridiculous, or hard to read.

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