Album covers from the 1990s inspired this collection of website colors. Graphically, the 90s had a ton of nuance and experimentation that resulted in some iconic images. In the days before streaming, these tones sold the songs before you even listened.

Website Colors Inspired by 90s Album Covers

I selected several iconic 90s album covers to create these website color palettes.

One in a Million by Aaliyah

This cover contrasts dramatic lighting with soft earth tones.

color ideas from the 1990s

Sage green in light and dark brings a classic 90s tone into the present. Paired with a terra cotta brown elements and rich black text, the overall design is classic and current.

Post by Bjork

The boundary-busting Bjork used a color combination that is just as vibrant as her performances.

1990s Website color ideas

Mixing bright pink with vibrant orange results in a high-energy design. I like the way these tones work as accent elements against the bright mint background.

Tidal by Fiona Apple

Desaturated and pretty, these colors look straight out of yesterday’s makeup palette.

1990s graphic design

These soft blush and blue tones make quiet images stand out like viewing art at a gallery. Using a desaturated brown-black for the text makes for content that is pretty but, still readable.

Everything is Wrong by MOBY

These moody, high-contrast tones clash in the best way.

1990s graphic design

I chose a light, minty blue as the base color on the background. Against this, the orange and blue tones pop on interactive elements.

Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness by The Smashing Pumpkins

The renaissance-inspired tones marry rock and avant-garde.

90s Website Colors

I opted to use the plum tone as a base color. Touches of burgundy and gold make the interactive elements attractive without competing for attention.

Stay Inspired

Don’t forget to save your favorite color combinations to your Pinterest boards. If you found these website colors useful, check out my board below. I create and save palettes that note the hex codes.

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