I started studying flower meanings several years ago to give some focus to my journaling and doodles. I wanted to learn a little about the flowers for each month and it presented an excuse to study them. As I learned about the flowers, I would write about them in my journal and make doodles to accompany my notes. I also took the time to do at least one sketch that I could digitize. Then, I used this to make a pattern for a device wallpaper background.

I would post these on this site and pin them to Pinterest. I was surprised at their popularity. As they got more attention, a few shop owners reached out to me to ask about physical products. I decided to create a series of postcards.

In the end, it was a pack of 12 — one for each month.

But I wasn’t ready to wrap up the flowers quite yet. So, I created a design that features my six favorite flowers and their meanings. I think flowers are such a beautiful language — communicating with blooms.

Flowers are such a beautiful language

I like to imagine a whimsical Anne Shirley life where I pick floral arrangements with regard to the event. I imagine planting honeysuckle by a side door to encourage drop-in visitors or sending marigolds to someone fighting a chronic illness.

Flowers and Their Meanings

  • Peonies represent prosperity and good luck. It’s fitting that they’ve become a popular bloom for weddings
  • Gladiolus symbolizes honor and remembrance. I love how they stick out in tall stalks.
  • Honeysuckle represents friendship and togetherness. They always remind me of summers at the beach with my grandmother.
  • Aster represents charm and wisdom. I love finding these little purple blooms along walking paths and roads.
  • Narcissus stands for good wishes. They’re a lovely bloom to share with a friend.
  • Marigold symbolizes passion and bravery. It’s fitting that their orange and yellow tones are so vibrant.

Currently, I am just printing them at 5×7 and 8×10. However, I’m testing out the interest in something larger like a 18×24″ poster. We’ll see where this little shop takes my flowers.