Dopamine dressing has elevated vibrant pink to every aesthetic industry. You’re seeing it everywhere — well beyond Pinterest’s initial prediction for fashion. It’s not surprising. The tone lifts our spirits after two long years of dressing in sweats and staying indoors. A quick turn from the soothing tropical blues and calming California beiges, bold pinkish shades popped up on all the runways and red carpet events. So, you see Dopamine Pink everywhere.

The term, Dopamine Dressing, takes its name from the chemical phenomenon in the brain — the chemistry of our brain reacting to happy things. It aptly describes the need behind the trend. We want to feel happy. Therefore, we look at (and design and buy and curate), bright and whimsical things.


Source: Red Carpet Outfits

Bright and happy colors are trending for search, social marketing, and merchandizing. Creative brands from interior design to graphic design to merchandising are picking up on this literal take on eye-candy. It’s maximalist, bold and irreverent.

You find that Dopamine Pink color everywhere.

Color Blocking

While color-blocking in clothing has been a mainstay of high fashion, we’re seeing it trickle down to the target crowd. People who would have put a bright top with jeans two years ago are now layering pattern and color with thoughtless abandon.

Design Drops

Many brands are finding themselves dropping single items in these hot shades — instead of building an entire aesthetic around them. I think it’s smart because the tones just won’t be a mainstay for some brands.

I wouldn’t be shocked if the DIY world picks up neon spray paint to restyle accessories in these crazy, peppy tones.

Toned Up Tiles

On aesthetic social media (think Pinterest and Insta), influencers are favoring bright color combinations over softer, white-washed filters. You’re also seeing a trend toward highly-saturated and high-vibrance filters. The resulting images use boost the hues that will remind you of technicolor TV and flash photography.

In general, people have decided that living in a cartoonish rainbow world is a nice break. Walls are being painted or wallpapered in the brightest colors. Vintage clothes are impossible to get from thrift stores. And staid brands are wondering why their engagement is dropping off.

Search and Hashtags

For my retail clients, color keywords are essential — meaning you need to research the trendy terms for color to ensure they pop up in search. Keywords include:

  • rainbow dress women
  • fuchsia dress outfit
  • electric blue outfit
  • vibrant outfits
  • gradient dress
  • pink shoes
  • color blocking outfits
  • emerald green dress

Visually, I’m finding ways to drop unconventional color combinations into playful designs. For example, this designed this wordy poster around a clash of color and pattern.