As I pull together color palettes for my office makeover, bold and bright colors draw me. I’m feeling frenetic — that inspired, windy autumn mood. Any change of seasons fills me with creative energy — and fall especially so.

Lately, I’ve been giving myself permission to relish things I enjoy — no matter how tawdry or trite. Spotify served me up a suggested playlist — “TWEE” complete with Zoey Deschanel’s cover image. I listened. I added to favorites. I didn’t care. I’m thinking about painting my office lavender and I grabbed some horrifically girly paint swatches that are unreasonably unrestrained and uncool.

I wish I could do this without a self-conscious shrug. Look at me! I feel so free and I’m going to buy that rom-com protagonist yellow dress. 

Indeed, the only place I feel truly free to experiment is with colors in my designs. I’m leaning into some garish combinations for my fall and winter concepts. They probably won’t sell as well here in conservative (read: forever in love with greige) Lynchburg. Thankfully, I’m not limited to that market.

This week, I’ve photographed several color-blocked products for clients, often bright red and pink together. The resulting creative burst has me collecting swatches in typically summer tones. But fall and winter are often the times that we crave these colors. They’re the tones of festivals, art shows, kid’s programs, and walking downtown.

Why shouldn’t we enjoy that alongside the expected brown, mustard, and cinnamon tones of the season? And if you need it, you can listen to TWEE too.