Where I live, November is beautiful. The weather is so temperate that you can wear shirt sleeves up until Christmas. The trees are often vibrant — at least there are pops of yellow amid the slowly-sombering browns. As much as my retail-focused mind races straight from September to big Christmas sales, I find my soul takes a little rest mid-November.

With my holiday campaigns are put to bed (glittering, gold, and glowing), I circle back around to those cozy browns. It’s still time to drink coffee, wander through markets, pile up books, and run my hand along the curves of gleaming pumpkins.

This week, I aimed for tones that dwell in deep fall. They’re not as vibrant orange, and they reflect the graying sky as the clouds chill for snow. It’s the moment of raked leaves, brown bags, and soft, knitted sweaters. Oatmeal and cream are queens of the season and they wrap around me as I peer through dusty library stacks.