It’s time for the introduction and explanation.

Some of you may know me from my past blog, or my social media. Others, may just be led here from an interest in my art. Regardless, my purpose for writing is the same. I just love to connect with creative people.
I consider this a safe space and welcome your comments. In fact, I enjoy virtual discussions and brainstorming. So, please, feel free to add links to your own work in the comments. I moved my blog to be a subset of a business website because my focus has shifted.

I explore local businesses and events. Since I’m currently in Lynchburg, VA, you’ll see a lot of that here. And I don’t talk much about Liberty University. It’s there but, it’s not representative of everything in this town.

I encourage a handmade, minimalist lifestyle.

That’s why I started making and the focus of this writing. Careful consumption is springing up around us and gaining the most traction in online communities.

Feel free to introduce yourself and your blog in the comments!