First, my cat ripped my jade plant out of the pot. In her defense, I moved it to the sunniest spot in my home for the winter season. Determined to save the plant, I consulted the internet for tips. Although a cat attack isn’t the ideal starting point, I was able to save a lot of the stems and replant them. Below are some lessons I learned to propagate jade.

When my cat attacked my jade plant, I decided to try saving the stems. Now they are starting to root.

1. The soil should be super dry. This is to avoid root rot. As an example, I “replanted” them by just letting them sit on dry perlite for 4 weeks. Then, when the little roots showed, I buried them in the dry perlite.

2. It’s possible without rooting hormone. It’s just significantly slower. Triple the timeline for roots without the rooting hormone.

3. Styrofoam cups will do for rooting. Be sure to punch a lot of holes in the bottom for drainage. I plan on making some cute pots for the plants. However, while I was rooting them, I wasn’t sure how many would survive. Styrofoam cups made a dry spot to root them.

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