Here I go again on my own. Customers sometimes ask me if I have an Etsy shop. I have several reasons why I decided not to create an Etsy shop. Essentially, it doesn’t fit with my current values for Verderamade. Below are some of the reasons why artists and crafters might decide to strike out on their own.

It’s kind of a con.

While I’m not saying Etsy is a huge conspiracy, the numbers for sellers how a discouraging tale. Essentially, there are a few successful sellers and Etsy is loud about their sales. However, there are many sellers with no sales and more with very minimal sales. Although it’s a good place for certain items and dedicated sellers, it’s not a shortcut to get the word out about your brand.

My price points don’t fit.

The basic fees are 20 cents per item listed and 3.5% of the selling price when an item sells. Then, there is the cost of shipping. I have built my business around low-cost goods with the notion that people would enjoy inexpensive, creative pieces that entrance them in the moment. My stuff doesn’t appeal to everyone but, those who purchase my art are passionate about it. I don’t want overhead costs to prevent people from little, happy splurges.

I’m not currently producing consistently.

I have a limited amount of creative juice and I have no interest in cranking out “crafty” goods just to fill up a store. While Etsy does accommodate seasonal selling, it works best when the items are regularly available. Since I’m not cranking out these goods at a fast pace each month, I can’t fill up a store all the time. However, I do post all of the items I’ve produced here and note if the item has been sold.

I’m focused on local business.

One of main interests in selling my art is to connect with and support local businesses and organizations. It’s a way for me to be a part of the Lynchburg community and enjoy those working around me. Selling online takes away from the local economy and local events.

I’m not in this just for the money.

I really prefer the interaction of meeting the people who purchase my art. While I’m happy to take online orders, I am looking for more than a transaction. Each item has a story that should fit with your story. And when that happens, one of my pieces will become a part of your life.

So, if you’re interested in one of my items, check me out a local event or send me a message. Also, I am always looking for ways to partner locally. I’d be interested to hear if other people prefer shopping or selling on Etsy. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.