Over the past year, I have been purging my beads, bobbles, and buttons. They accumulate over time with a broken necklace here and an unfinished craft there. To the maker’s eye, each little bead has value. So,  you put it in a box or a jar for later. Then, they pile up to a resounding nothing as you don’t know how to use them. This week, I cleared out a large amount of my bead and ribbon hoard with a Sunday school craft. We spelled the student’s names in modge podge and they decorated them with all the beads and ribbon desired. It was wonderfully fulfilling and fun to see those meaningless random faux pearls and brass buttons catch the eye of a child.

“Out of clutter, find simplicity.”

Albert Einstein

Similarly, I grouped my beads by color and shape to create a host of fabric flowers to adorn my floral crowns and jersey headbands. In my pursuit to use up these little plastic bits and bobbles, I collected a variety of clever ideas to use these spare sparkles.

Bead Projects for Home

  1. Fruit Bowl via Vikalpah
  2. Bead Bunting via Paper and Pin
  3. Candle Votive via MinnieCo
  4. Woven Planter via The 3 Rs Blog
  5. Perler Bead Coasters via Brit + Co
  6. Wood Bead Garland via Little House of Four
  7. Beaded Wind Chime via Garden Therapy
  8. Beaded Dog via Cut Out and Keep
  9. Artist Trading Blocks via Mark Montano
  10. Mixed Media Scrap Wood Dolls via Mark Montano
  11. Beaded Frame via P.S. I Made This
  12. Bead Art via Cut Out and Keep
  13. Beaded Trees via Cut Out and Keep
  14. Tetris Magnets via Moms Crafters
  15. Bookmark via Happy Hour Project
  16. Suncatcher Ornaments via Chica Circle
  17. Napkin Rings via Crafts by Amanda
  18. Suncatcher via The Artful Parent
  19. Ibiza Style Buffalo Skull via By Wilma
  20. iPhone Case via Color Made Happy

Bead Projects for Fashion

  1. Beaded Bandana via Quiet Lion
  2. Pom Pom Tassel Sandals via Little Inspiration
  3. Wood Bead Keychain via Be Crafty
  4. Fabric Wrapped Bead Necklace via My So Called Crafty Life
  5. Safety Pin Necklace via Who What Wear
  6. Cactus Earrings via Kittenhood
  7. Beaded Bangles via Cut Out and Keep
  8. Pearl Embellished Heel via P.S. I Made This
  9. Hair Pins via Do It Your Freaking Self
  10. Pearl Sunglasses via P.S. I Made This
  11. Pearl Patch Earrings via P.S. I Made This
  12. Beaded Cuff via Cut Out and Keep
  13. Gold Bead Bracelet via P.S. I Made This
  14. Beaded Rings via Cut Out and Keep
  15. Crystal Tube Bracelet via P.S. I Made This
  16. Wish Bracelets via Happy Hour Project
  17. Stud Earrings via Smart School House
  18. Hair Tie Bracelets via Curly Made
  19. Head Phone Wrap via Imagine Hearts
  20. Super Soft Headbands via Verderamade

So, here’s to pulling out those excess beads and turning them into something new. Let me see your projects!