My first apartment was a disaster.  When I moved from college to that first space, I quickly realized that my stuff needed home organization hacks and a system for organizing. From the kitchen utensils to the files on my desk, my stuff lay in unhelpful piles. My biggest problem? I didn’t have a system to organize my stuff. To begin, I was short on real furniture. So, I had to save up money to buy those basic pieces like a desk, bookshelf, and dresser. Then, I needed to make my stuff fit together in an organized system. With time, I found I preferred to organize slowly. 

Top 25 Home Organization Hacks

Below are my little tips and tricks that keep my home organized. Each of these addresses a common problem area where clutter tends to build up. With these home organization hacks, you can tackle the most disorganized areas of your space.

1. Use Industrial Shelving for Long-Term Storage

Look for pieces that can be adjusted for both height and width. Then, as you move or shift storage, you can still use the pieces. I have two of these shelves from Lowes. I’ve used them in several different rentals with great success.

2. Try Magazine Bins for Files


I’ve tried filing bins with hanging folders but, found them frustrating. Mostly, I end up over-stuffing the files and struggling to keep categories. By switching to magazine files, I was able to simplify the storage and put them upright in a cabinet. The photo above shows how nice they look on open shelving too.

3. Store Cosmetics in Glasses and Goblets

I don’t use a lot of makeup but, I do like to keep my favorite products handy. So, I display them openly in handed-down glasses. You can do the same using heirloom goblets or thrift finds.

4. Nest Small Items in Sugar Bowls

Sugar bowls are one of my favorite ways to store small items. They’re usually shades of white and cream with little dainty lids. You can collect them from family members, friends, or vintage sources.

5. Stow Spices in Glass Bins

If you don’t have a great space for a spice rack, consider storing them in a glass bin. It makes it easy to see inside when you place it in a cabinet. Also, it’s a practical way to pull together mismatched containers for easy access.

6. Label Boxes with Masking Tape

I’ve tried different labeling systems but, have found that I prefer plain masking tape. Why? It’s easy to remove. Typically, I relabel boxes over time. So, I need something that will stay on for a long time but, remove easily at a later date. Masking tape does the trick.

7. Partition Drawers with Shoeboxes

This is an old family trick but, worth sharing. While you can invest in actual drawer organizers, shoe boxes can double as dividers. They’re not as pretty but, they make our drawers more functional.

8. Put Crates in Your Car Trunk


Do you have plastic milk crates left over from your college dorm days? Try reusing them in your trunk. We use them to contain trunk clutter like jumper cables and the first aid kit. Also, we keep crates with seasonal items (like defrosting gear or sports equipment) and swap them out as needed.

9. Repurpose an Art Box

Unfortunately, my vintage art box was damaged and can no longer be used to tote my supplies. So, I pulled out the internal divider and use it to organize my “vanity.” I don’t actually have a true vanity. It’s just a spot on top of my dresser. The art box corrals my clutter into neat little compartments.

10. Attach Surge Protectors to Furniture

I learned this trick a long time ago and love it for desks and dressers. You can attach surge protectors to the back of furniture to corral chords. Everything looks so much neater with fewer cords.

11. Make a Bulletin Board Jewelry Holder

I’ve done several versions of this over the years and plan on making a new one for my latest bedroom. Display your jewelry easily using a bulletin board. It encourages you to wear items because you see them each morning.

12. Keep an Outbox by the Door

I kept seeing this tip from several sources and it really does make a difference. Designate a spot in your home as an outbox. It will remind you to remove things from your home that doesn’t belong. It can be a bag for library books, items to return to friends or donations for a charity. Whether you choose a bag or a box, this will help you focus on lightening your home of outgoing objects.

13. Keep Medicine in a Plastic Shoebox

When you need medicine, you usually need it quickly. I corralled all of mine in a clear plastic bin. It makes it easy to see what remedies are inside. Also, it’s quick to scoop up the whole box in case of an emergency.

With these home organization hacks, your space will feel more peaceful. If you tackle these clutter-prone areas slowly, you’ll find that your home improves over time.

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