I’ve read a lot of articles and books on how to organize my home. It’s a passion of mine because I think it helps me get the most out of life. My organizational philosophy is a bit different. I focus on what is manageable for me.

  1. Use a file bin daily. Essentially you’ll sort all the papers that come into your home every day into one of two piles: the trash and your file bin. Then, you’ll go through the file bin at least once a month and deal with each item (i.e. paying bills, filling out forms, making calls). Then, you can move the paperwork into long-term filing. This keeps paper clutter off your desk, counter or table and in one neat system. You’ll also find that you don’t lose papers because everything goes into one place every time.
  2. Keep everything in a caddy. Think about your life in terms of activities from cleaning to crafts to office work to beauty to bathing. Use a separate bin or box for every single activity. Label it with the related items and always return them to the correct place. Don’t buy anything new for an activity until you’ve used what you already have. You’ll find that it’s easy to put things away when they have a home.
  3. Never, ever multitask. Organized people tend to do one thing at a time. If you start a project, finish it. If you can’t finish it, clean it up. And try to go back and finish before you start something new. This means everything from cleaning to cooking to making a piece of art. You always put things away (in the above-described caddy) when you’re done.
  4. Cut some steps. If you have an area of your life that always seems to be a mess, like paying bills, doing the laundry, or sorting files, cut some non-essential steps out of the process. Consider the bare minimum you can do to complete the task. Then, do that. Don’t complicate it to the point of perfection paralysis. It won’t be “perfect” but, it will be done.

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