Each time I work on a new design project or try to update an old one, finding fonts can be time-consuming. Pairings, in particular, can suck up a lot of time. That’s why a lot of designers revert to their tried-and-true favorites. If you’re looking for ways to freshen up your font choices, check out the websites below.

Find the Best Free Fonts

When I’m looking for free fonts, I want a reputable website that allows you to easily search and pair. Each of the websites below is both safe and easy to use.

Google Fonts

Google fonts is a great universal source for over 17 trillion free fonts. You can search by both category (ex. serif, sans serif, handwriting) and font properties (ex. thickness, slant) as well as typing in the font name. A unique part of the tool is that it lists suggested font pairings on each font page, just below the main content.

If you find yourself using Google Fonts, you’ll appreciate the tips from 100 Best Google Fonts for Your WordPress Site (And How to Use Them). The article includes tips to help you select the best Google Fonts for your website.


DaFont, despite its sketchy name, is another safe source for free downloadable fonts. Many of them are free designs that look similar to popular fonts. You can browse by style or type in the name of the font. Personally, I usually sort by popularity which yeilds the most usable options.

Font Squirrel

As the tagline says, “It’s legit!” They do a pretty good job of maintaining the featured fonts on the homepage. These are often based on current design trends and offer great, open-source substitutes for pricier fonts. They also have some great tools like the “Font Identifier” where you can upload an image and it will suggest similar fonts.

Easy Font Combinations

If you’re looking for font combinations that go well together, try the following ideas.

Museo Sans with Squada One Regular

For clean, minimalist designs, this combination offers a slight twist. The weights are swapped with the subhead being stronger. This can really catch the reader’s eye if you leave enough white space around the design.

Download Museo Sans

Download Squada One Regular

Roboto Slab with Futura Medium

Starting with a serif font always ads history to a design. We associate those little tails with the early days of printing. When you combine it with the pointed Futura font, the results are an intriguing visual tension.

Download Roboto Slab

Download Futura Medium

Source Sans Variable with Autumn in November

If you like handwritten caligraphy then, you’ll love Autumn in November. It’s exactly what you picture for loopy handwriting. Paired with the thin Source Sans font, the result is a little less precious.

Download Source Sans Variable

Download Autumn in November

BluePrint Bold with Arial Black

Handwriting fonts can be tricky but Blueprint has a likable edge to it. It’s still very readable. Putting it with Arial Black makes it a good fit for industrial or manufacturing messages that want to break away from a dull corporate feel.

Download BluePrint Bold

Download Arial Black

Just Another Hand with Lato Regular

Lato is a safe, balanced font to pair with script and handwriting fonts because it’s so readable. When you group it with Just Another Hand, the result is kind of cheeky.

Download Just Another Hand

Download Lato Regular

Gotham Black with Sacramento Regular

Gotham Black remains a solid choice for a thick font. It’s easy to read even on distracting backgrounds. Paired with Sacramento, the combination takes on a quirky, boutique feel.

Download Gotham Black

Download Sacramento Regular

American Typewriter with Roboto Thin

I have a little bit of a love affair with American Typewriter. It’s a better version of “Courier.” Grouped with Roboto Thin, it’s a little less campy.

Download American Typewriter

Download Roboto Thin

Galano Grotesque Bold with Thirsty Script

If you like that nifty-fifties diner feel, Thirsty Script with Galano Groteque brings neon-sign nostalgia into the present. It’s fun without being too wonky.

Download Galano Groteque

Download Thirsty Script

Phosphate Inline with Gil Sans Regular

Usually, I stay away from super stylized fonts. But, Phosphate is my current exception to the rule. It’s very intense and pops when you use it in small quantities. When I put it with a delicate sans serif font, like Gil Sans, it becomes elegant.

Download Phosphate Inline

Download Gil Sans Regular

Milkshake Regular with Montserrat Black

Montserrat Black is quickly becoming my go-to block font for its versatility. It’s a sans serif with curves that work well with scripts and serifs alike. Putting it with Milkshake makes a quirky combination that draws the eye quickly.

Download Milkshake

Download Montserrat

Also, you can check out 11 Great Font Combinations Using Free Fonts to get more inspiration.

Where to Find Free Fonts

In general, the best places to find free fonts are trusted sources with a solid catalog. Then, you can avoid downloading a virus with your font package.

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