I’m not busy.

It’s a strange thing to say. When is the last time you heard that phrase? Can you remember the last time you said it?

I am not busy. I have not been busy for a long time. It’s a choice and most people don’t understand.

Some may automatically argue that I have it easier. If only I lived their lives I would realize why it is so necessary to be busy.

I call B.S. My life is actually very full. It’s always very full. I do a lot. I accomplish a lot. The difference is that I am not busy for the sake of being busy.

I am productive. And that is very different from being busy.

How to be More Productive

This requires a complete mind shift. You won’t have more time. We all get the same amount of hours each day (pardon the cliche).

The difference is that you will use that time more mindfully. Below are a few exercises that can help you be more productive.

Indulge a New Interest

If you are struggling to get motivated, indulge a new interest. It will give you new energy. Sometimes, we set goals that make us feel bogged down. You can fight the drudgery by spending time on something that catches your attention. Then, you can use that inspiration to motivate you in other areas.

Track Something Menial

Find new pockets of time by tracking something you think may be a time sucker. For many people it’s social media, emails or a regular commitment. See what is devouring your time by tracking how much energy you put into it. Then, you can evaluate whether you can use your resources more productively.

Ask Little Questions

Sometimes we can get hung up on big ideas. What do you want to accomplish in the next year? Where are your goals going? What is the meaning of life? These can become overwhelming. Instead of focusing on long term issues, ask little questions about small tasks. What can I finish up right now? What’s an item I can easily cross off my to-do list? What’s something small I can do that will boost my mood immediately?

Murder a Multi-task

There are so many tasks that we pair together like exercising while watching television, cleaning while browsing Facebook or listening to a podcast while sorting emails. Sometimes this actually makes us slower at each individual task. Also, it clouds the mind and puts you in the mode of distraction. Find your focus again by getting rid of one of your multi-tasking habits.

Tips and tricks aside, productivity starts where busy ends. If you want to be more productive, plan to refocus.

Show Me Your Process

If you have a good system, I’d love to hear about it. Tell me your tips and tricks to stay productive. You can join the conversation by commenting on my Insta or leaving a note in the comments below.