If you are good at what you do, helping people is one of the best ways to gain exposure. People remember generosity… and your brand benefits.

Tutorials: Helping Others Helps You

Tutorials make your target audience trust you. By helping them, you show your interest in their well being. Sometimes, helping others is the best way to help yourself.

Even a mouse can help a lion.

In the story of The Mouse and The Lion, the titular rodent accidentally disturbs a sleeping predator. The lion quickly traps the mouse. She begs for her life, promising the lion that she will repay the debt one day. Although the lion laughs at that prospect, he lets the mouse go.

The Lion and the Mouse fable illustration (source)

Later, the lion finds himself trapped in a hunter’s net. When the mouse hears his roars, she comes to help him. Chewing through the rope, she frees him.

The moral of the story?

Even a mouse can help a lion.

This key principle shows how helping others can help you in the long run.

Of Mice and Men

In the mass of media, building brand loyalty has become difficult. Organizations and businesses struggle to stand out. Without brand loyalty, they end up competing on price, service and features to get the same customers. As a gateway to loyalty, generosity makes your brand memorable. Prospective customers internalize that debt. Then, it reminds them to return to you at a later date.

Help them with a tutorial. They’ll help you with their dollars later.

The Lion’s Share

Do you know how your brand is perceived? This hard-to-measure goal is called market position.

Marketing Positioning requires…

  • Identifying your audience
  • Defining the market
  • Making a promise
  • Supporting your promise with evidence

Tutorials enhance your place because they position you as a trustworthy leader. Instead of telling everyone you are something, show them your expertise by teaching as a subject matter expert.


Additionally, this kind of information performs well in both social and search. Most of the algorithms favor it because they are longer, informative, and answer users’ needs.

Do You Want to Educate Your Audience?

I recently published a tutorial that has become a solid performer for content marketing. The question is so simple but, the information is niche. These simple instructions draw in users who are a perfect fit for the brand’s products. To put this together, I focused on topics that fit with my client’s brand. Then, I found keyword combinations that matched user’s search intentions.

Useful tutorials often answer questions that may seem obvious to an industry insider. For example, I once helped a client create high-traffic posts about how to clean their products.

The resulting post positions the brand as helpful and authoritative.

You know your industry. I know how to speak to your audience.  If we work together, we can make amazing tutorials that benefit your brand.

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