Everyone knows that the 90s are back, bringing us into the wonder that was Steve Madden, dELiA*s, Lisa Frank, and Rachel Ashwell. Edgy, happy, and experimental, the colors were a lovely rainbow of boundary-breaking design. Below are a few of my favorite color combinations inspired by the 90s.

“Around the World” Color Palette

If you were jamming la-la-la-la-la with ATC, this color combination will speak to you. It’s based on the happy feeling you get from bubble pop tunes and holographic platform sneakers. As a design palette, the tones are great for retail. They’re bright enough to draw the eye yet, still keep the focus on the featured products.

“Crave” Color Palette

Back when you stayed up late to watch a TV special, the commercial break run for takeout was an Olympic sport and an art form. Those glowing lights cast a wonderful color combination that evokes nostalgia and appetite. Try using this color group for designs that aim to tempt your audience, like late night snacks or impulse beauty buys.

“Fiveee” Color Palette

Remember when money was actually green? These tones are pulled from the colors of a classic dollar bill. The group evokes that excitement of pulling in the dough from real work (i.e. Babysitting gigs, mowing lawns and selling band candy). Try using these for a design that is playful yet, grounded.

“Laced” Color Palette

A nearly monotone group, “Laced” picks up on the ultra-matchy pastels of 90s sitcoms. Don’t believe me? Just check out ScullyAlly, or Rachel. Try using these for a professional group, as a twist on the basic grey and primary color combinations.

“Sock Rock” Color Palette

If you like Jonathan Adler’s Happy Chic aesthetic, you’ll appreciate this color combination. Everything centers on that brilliant pop of orange! Try using this group of colors for a project that centers on tech. It’s a nice middle ground between the expected cold greys of Silicon Valley and those late-great iPod commercials.

“Tiny Backpack” Color Palette

If you need a group of super cute colors, “Tiny Backpack” delivers. It’s inspired by what your Lisa Frank pencil case looked like after a year on a window sill. For Home and Garden projects, these colors can put the focus on light-bright spaces.

“We Need to Chalk” Color Palette

Even if candy conversation hearts can only live on in our hearts, their chalky goodness thrives in this sweet color combination. Bright and light, the tones remind you of down-to-earth fun (i.e. Putt Putt and Go-Karts). If you’re designing for

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