A new design is now available in my shop — free phone wallpaper featuring May’s flower of the month.

Hawthorn is May’s Birth Flower

May’s Birth Flower is the lovely Hawthorne plant. Hawthorn, also called the thornapple, is a small tree and member of the rose family. It has simple, toothed leaves and white or pink flowers. This small tree has often carried magical connotations and meaning.

Some of the legends include:

  • Crataegus Monogyna: The hawthorn is a tree of magical enchantment, associated with Beltone, the ancient spring festival. In Celtic mythology, it is sacred, symbolizing love and protection
  • Maypoles and Hedges: People would use these trees to make maypoles. Also, it was woven into a growing fence called a hedgerow to grant protection
  • The Fairy Tree:  In mythology, fairies live under hawthorn trees as guardians. However, their blooms may be respectfully harvested by brides.
  • The Equalizer: The tree facilitates transformation because it equalizes fortunes. Extreme conditions are balanced by the opposite, like the thorns with flowers.

Download + Enjoy

This phone wallpaper features May’s birth flower, the lovely hawthorn tree. This design is free to download and use.

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