One of my earliest sunflower memories places my overall-covered bum on the cement steps of my Nana’s house. I remember a pile of dried sunflower blooms. They seemed giant ⁠— with centers pushed out into mounds. She gave me a trowel and a bucket. I brushed and picked at the sunflower heads, enjoying the rustle as the seeds bounced into the bin. I knew my collection would feed winter birds, and maybe some would be replanted in the springtime.

I can still feel the warm air mixing with a cool breeze. It’s the fall feeling that always invigorates me. That sensation smells fresh. Fall is more than a season. It’s the start of something.

That’s the feeling I brought with me to create my fall sunflower designs. I focused on the intricacy of the seeds and the shape they make at the center of the bloom. It radiates warmth and promises a burst of golden inspiration.

Sunflower Wallpaper Background for iPhones

I created this free wallpaper to decorate your phone this fall. It matches my fall collection ⁠— featuring sunflowers, pumpkins, candy apples and rain boots. Download my Sunflower iPhone wallpaper free using the “Add to Cart” button.




About Verderamade by Danielle Verderame

Verderamade by Danielle Verderame is a love story about my desk and all the things I like to do there. I write longhand in my journal, taking notes and planning projects. I doodle alongside my work. I look at a handmade frame with my son’s photo. I gaze past my screen at a thrifted lamp with a crooked shade. I pile papers in a mismatched basket and sort my pencils into secondhand mugs.

All of my paper goods are hand-drawn by me and then digitized for printing. These postcards, greeting cards, stationery, and prints are tools I would actually use at my own desk — that’s my criteria. Everything I put into the collection must be worthy of precious desk space.

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