My design concepts often start with color. This fall was no exception. I wanted to continue my “list” style posters, like Flowers and Their Meanings that I created earlier this year. I used a similar format to create a poster titled Everything Autumn. I also wanted to add some new greeting cards to my collection, with a focus on a sunflower motif.

When we think of fall colors, the tones usually jump from nature — rusty tractors, golden sunflowers, crimson apples, and glowing jack-o-lanterns. You find a lot of soft blacks and browns as the neutral options, with addition of purple and black toward Halloween. For this season, I brought together nature-inspired tones that vibed with my aesthetic.

Fall 2021 Color Inspiration

Shades of Orange

I challenged myself to include complimentary tones that worked well with the golden and orange options. Sienna was a surprising addition. I was hesitant to include it because you usually see it in summery styles. But, I like the way it mixes with both the gold and the green. Similarly, I created a dark greige that is kind of cool — there’s a hint of blue in there to contrast all the warm hues.

Stay Inspired

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