I became fixated on sunny colors after my recent trip to the beach. Often, we think of warm, golden tones like a creamy yellow or bright orange. However, every shade has a summery tone, and those complex combinations can create the feeling of summer. Just think about how tree-filtered sunshine rests on a picnic blanket during the summer afternoon. Those tones create warm color combinations for your website theme.

Inspired Color Combinations for Your Website Theme

Each of these color combinations is inspired by the sun. I challenged myself to stay away from obvious orange and yellow tones. This creates a complex visual story that feels like layers of light. The overall effect subtly reminds your audience of shining rays.

Sunburn Color Palette

For this combination, I used the beach as inspiration. The blue-greens have warm undertones that coordinate with the orange and tan options.

Color Combinations for Your Website Theme

In a website design, it helps to have lighter options for backgrounds such as the light green and tan in this palette. I used dark green for fonts and deeper hues for functional elements. Interactive elements, like buttons and hover effects could switch between #698ea2 and #e4a576 to create a playful contrast.

Sunrise Color Palette

I actually grabbed several of these tones from my photo of a peach. My sunrise color combination balances bright pink tones with thoughtful browns. They’re pretty shades, reminiscent of a luxury beauty brand.

Color Combinations for Your Website Theme

Bright tones #e06464 and f1745e in the interactive elements pop against the lightest shades #edd0ac and #fbc3b9. The dark brown text #4f252a creates a rich, chocolatey accent.

Sunset Color Palette

Currently, lavender and lilac dominate color stories. This purple and pink palette offers equally pretty, yet fresh tones.

Color Combinations for Your Website Theme

Inspired by 90s nostalgia, this rich dark brown combines with the tan background. Shades of peach, pink and purple echo the playfulness of Lisa Frank’s designs. It’s sepia heaven with a twist.

Sunshine Color Palette

Picture yourself at a picnic with these happy colors. Bob Ross wouldn’t object to these cheery, nature-inspired tones.

Color Combinations for Your Website Theme

Dark green #212b0f text allows readability without basic black. Green #47d21 and orange #d5995b work together as complementary tones in a similar level of vibrance. This makes them pop for interactive elements and highlighted areas against the page’s neutral background options #d6c3ab and #f2ec37.

Stay Inspired

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