For this collection, I started with warm weather events like fairs, food trucks, and picnics. The end result? Website color combinations inspired by the festival season.

Website Color Combinations Inspired by Festival Season

As the seasons shift from summer to fall, outdoor gatherings take advantage of the warm days and cool nights. These color combinations evoke the energy of annual social events like county fairs and music festivals.

Church Picnic

I brought together these tones to create that warm and dusty feeling of summertime church events.

Church Picnic Website Color Combinations

The soft purples and bright peach are balanced by the warm grays. The touch of green reminds me of the rural settings that often host these events.

Food Truck

Food trucks have their own small-business energy. This usually creates quirky and personality-packed color combinations.

Food Truck Website Color Combinations

These stand-out tones are high-contrast with a retro touch. The dark teal and mustard yellow glow against the patina-inspired tans.

Music Festival

If you’re laying in the sunshine with waves of soft guitar washing over you, these are the colors that swirl overhead.

Music Festival Website Color Combinations

The dark brown substitutes black as an easy-to-read color for fonts. Variations on brick and brown add an earthy touch. Light green and pale pink add a youthful vibe to the palette.

County Fair

These colors scream neon lights and punchy paint.

County fair Website Color Ideas

A complex, yet readable, gray replaces the typical black for fonts. Complimentary shades of red and orange echo the vibrant colors of fairstands. A soft lavender and tan offer easy-to-implement background tones behind featured elements.

Renaissance Fair

Grounded in a royal purple tone, this group of colors evokes a rich, historical feeling.

Renaissance fair Color Combinations

The alternating blacks and browns work together for an elegant impression. These colors put the focus on images that have low contrast between the design subject and the background.

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