I’ve created a Christmas collection for the first time. I never thought I’d try to launch Christmas prints because my retail clients often need me to prep holiday promotions at the same time (September-October). But, I decided to start my Christmas in July — pulling together these designs in the heat of summer. They were ready to go just in time for that post-Halloween retail switch.

I start by drawing all my designs by hand. Then, I digitize them to create patterns and prints. I started with so many ideas, from candy canes to snowflakes. Eventually, I narrowed in on playful papergoods that offer a new twist on Christmas classics.

Where to Buy

Obviously, you can buy these here through my online store. They’re also available in person at two stores:

  • Sweet Violet in Clarksville, VA
  • Ashwood Manor Designs in Forest, VA

I’ll also be participating in two local events

  • Hill City Handmade on November 6
  • Peaksview Holiday Market on November 27

My Christmas Shop

For Christmas 2021, I’ve created a focused papergood collection that captures the whimsy of the holidays. I developed one over-arching color palette of unusual Christmas tones that I could mix and match for two looks. The first look is traditional with rust red, hunter green, sage green, and a tan that I’m calling “sugar cookie”. These subtler shades stand out against the soft white that I used for the background.

The second look pops from a silky, blue-black that reminds me of cozy rooms lit by twinkle lights. The complimentary shades are a rainbow of chalky tones that mimic the way vintage christmas bulbs look when you turn them on.

Each design combines these vintage-inspired colors with chunky, modern fonts and my playful, minimalist doodles.

All the Jingle Ladies Print (8×10 in)

When I showed my mom, who was unfamiliar with the Beyonce tune, this print, she asked what a “jingle lady” was. I imagine a jingle lady probably has sleigh bells swinging from her tattas on an ugly sweater and a Santa mug full of wine. She has a holiday wrapping paper closet, complete with gift bows and labels sorted by style and color. Her cookies taste the best and she puts some in her mailbox for the delivery people.

Nuts About Christmas Print (8×10 in)

My brother loved nutcrackers when we were children. We often read a story version of the Nutcracker ballet and imagined our own nutcracker coming to life, along with our other toys. That’s the magic of Christmas for me — enjoying childlike imagination.

Gnome for the Holidays Print (8×10 in)

A few years ago, I decided to make felt gnome ornaments and post the instructions on Pinterest. This tutorial has gotten more popular with each year. These guys are a little grumpy and perhaps a bit mischievous.

Twinkle Light Cards

I prefer timeless Christmas cards because I often end up using part of a pack when I send mine out. So, each year, I end up using a mix of designs from previous years with my latest find. When I created this design, I wanted to capture that classic look of vintage Christmas bulbs and make them playful.

Boxwood Wreath Cards

A local greenhouse inspired my final design. Each year, I get a boxwood wreath on Thanksgiving weekend to adorn my door. It smells amazing and has become the first signal that Christmas time is here.

Free Christmas iPhone Wallpaper

I’ve also uploaded some of my favorite designs as wallpaper options for phone. Some of these were rejected as card ideas as I developed the patterns and packaging. They’re actually free to download for personal use.

Stay Inspired

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