Most of the time, designs for self-care brands focus on light colors with lots of white space. This evokes a clean, refreshing feeling. Whenever I’m working on a website design for this type of client, I look for a small twist on these expected design elements.

How to Pick Relaxing Colors

Often, I think of calming blue or sage green as relaxing colors. For this group of colors, I challenged myself to find some unexpected browns and yellows to add to this collection of spa-inspired tones.

Orinoco Flow

Grounded in green, this color combination has a mossy, clean vibe.

With all the freshness of a giant mostera leaf, these solid green tones bring a little Ferngully into your personal rainforest. You can use them in feature boxes and interactive areas of the designs. The creamy browns work well as contrasting design elements and informational areas.

Come Clean Color Scheme

This color group brings a bite of citrus.

calming colors for websites

I selected several fruity oranges and pale yellows. Layered together, they’re young and bright. You can use the palest tones or dark gray for your text. Either option is readable against the orange backgrounds.

Closer to Myself Color Scheme

While city spas often have a clean, spaceship feel, farmhouse and country-style spas have become more popular in recent years. This group of colors brings out the tones of these venues.

calming colors for websites

At the center of these colors is a fresh green, like clean grass behind a picket fence. This jives with the warm tan tones, creating a solid option for backgrounds. I included a brown-black for text and interactive elements like buttons. Also, a pop of burgundy brings a little country style into the mix.

Glamourous Color Scheme

If your brand exudes luxury, the pink and gold tones in this group will work perfectly for your site.

relaxing colors for websites

To begin, I selected a crisp white that reminded me of elegant marble. This creates an easy-to-read backdrop for the rich black text. For most interactive elements, I chose to use a creamy tan that reminded me of a fresh makeup palette. The pops of pink and gold bring a little girly sophistication to the scheme.

Strawberry Swing Color Scheme

Finally, I focused on my favorite relaxing sensation ⁠— falling rain.

relaxing colors for websites

First, I chose a blue-gray color to use as a background on text areas. I contrasted this with a dove white color for the text and interactive elements. For design accents, I included a soft yellow, green-gray, and a warm brown. Together, they remind me of soft bamboo in a stone-floor shower.

Find More Inspiring Colors

If you liked these colors, check out my Color Inspiration Pinterest board. I create and pin color schemes with hex codes for your website designs.