If your brand needs an injection of romance, these color combinations will inspire a pretty website theme. Although pink and red have become the go-to colors for love, I opted for some less obvious romantic colors.

Romantic Colors for Websites

For this group of color combinations, I focused on settings that are romantic without relying on cliches. Mostly, I found myself drawn to objects like umbrellas and textures such as ruffling linen.

Sugar to My Heart Website Colors

I brought together several candy-inspired tones of red and pink.

A deep brown or a light pink on each ends of this color spectrum offer options for text and links. Each of the red and pink tones overlap each other for a pleasing visual.

Say It’s Possible Website Colors

The natural tones of fresh flowers inspired this combination.

The buttery yellow and blue gray contrast the warm browns and reds. You can layer them throughout your website design to appeal to classic tastes.

Edge of Glory Website Colors

Bringing the old into the present, these rich tones create an artistic visual tension.

Both the burgundy red and stormy blue offer rich options for backgrounds or text. The peachy and gray options are available for contrasting elements.

Little Talks Website Colors

Umbrellas and city lights are the backdrops from good romances like Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The rich navy color grounds the vibrant orange and purple accent colors. Two subtle gray shades allow you to mix and match tones on text and interactive elements.

Merry Happy Website Colors

The creamy yellow at the center of this color palette echoes the mood of the song that inspired this group.

Two calming shades of tan and gray create pleasant backgrounds for a light and bright design. A foamy black and milk chocolate brown pop against the lighter elements without appearing cold.

Stay Inspired

Check out my Pinterest board below if you are looking for more color inspiration. I only save color palettes with hex codes for easier website design.