Travel brings out the wildness in us. It shifts our brains from the here and now into a fluid motion. Designs for travel brands can harness this energy by choosing the right colors.

Wild & Free Colors for Travel Website Designs

For this group of colors, I focused on tones that jump out at me when I travel. Whether it’s an overseas vacation or just exploring a nearby city, my eyes notice the vibrant blues and deep greens of popular attractions.

Goodbye to You Colors

This mossy color group takes a cue from green woodsy tones.

On both ends of the color spectrum, a warm beige coordinates with a black-brown. In between, shades of murky green offer deep tones for feature boxes and interactive elements.

 Wild World Colors

A mix of tropical tones links this group of island-inspired colors.


A bluish grey echoes throughout all of these tones except the center yellow. They’re strong hues without resorting to jewel tones. Personally, I prefer laying the greens with pops of yellow.

Hey Soul Sister Colors

Centered around a sunny yellow, each of these tones bring a vagabond vibe.

Each of these vibrant hues starts with a brown base — reminding me of peeling, timeworn paint. On each end of the palette, shades of brown offer neutral options for either text or backgrounds. This offers visual relief from the strong tones in the center.

Stay Inspired

I often post color combinations to my Pinterest account. If you’re looking for new color options, check out the board below.