During the editing process, most writers reveal their mind’s machinations. If a person is an organized thinker, their sentences easily arrange themselves into sections that turn into obvious subheads and paragraphs. If someone is more free-form, they may struggle to create order as they move from thought to thought. Encapsulating ideas and putting them into an easy-follow format is a way I assist my clients as a Virginia website content editor.

Adding Transition Words Into Your Content

Improve your writing by adding transition words to your content. You can plan for it while you are writing or add it in after the fact. Either way, transition words guide readers from thought to thought.

What Are Transition Words?

The most well-known transition words are and, but, so, and because. We use these words often in everyday conversation. In written formats, there are so many valuable transition words that enhance communication.

Cause and Effect

  1. Consequently
  2. Therefore
  3. As a result
  4. So


  1. To clarify
  2. That is to say
  3. In other words


  1. On the other hand
  2. But
  3. However


  1. For example
  2. For instance


  1. Above all
  2. Most importantly
  3. Certainly


  1. First/Second
  2. Further
  3. Moreover
  4. Firstly/Secondly
  5. In Addition


  1. During
  2. Meanwhile
  3. Afterward
  4. Subsequently


  1. In the same vein
  2. Likewise
  3. Similarly


  1. In summary
  2. To sum up
  3. In conclusion
  4. Ultimately

If you search for transition words, you can find many lists that offer additional options. In general, these words are used to provide context to a sentence within paragraphs and the overall story.

How Transition Words Improve SEO

Readability impacts how long readers stay on your site. This matters because on-page time is a factor that search engines use to determine the value of your website. It affects your ranking.

When you add transitions into your text, it sets up a flow to your words. Just like paragraphs and subheads break your sentences into groups, transitional words break your thoughts within sentences.

They create order and enhance understanding. When you use transition words in your text, you guide readers from thought to thought. That’s a valuable part of their journey through your written words.

Enjoy Your Writing

As you can see, it’s easy to add transition words into your task once you familiarize yourself with the phrases. Often, your thoughts already carry a certain order or flow. The transitional phrases simply enhance it.

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