Whenever I walk in a garden, or plant seeds on the earth, I experience a life-bringing calm. It’s fresh energy but, also peaceful. That vibe inspired these natural colors.

Natural Colors for Garden-Inspired Website Designs

Although these groups offer a lot of shades of green, I wanted to bring in some other apt tones. You’ll find muddy browns, brilliant blues, and organic oranges to offset the predictable tones.

This Magic Moment Colors

A pink-beige background brings this green group together.

Two greenhouse shades layer perfectly on the pink. Dark brown and black-green offer reader-friendly tones for text and links.

Sympathique Website Colors

Roaring river green creates a beautiful substitute for black in this summery color combination.

Two shades of blue pair perfectly with a cool gray for feature boxes and interactive elements. As the lightest option, a cool off-white color creates a clean background.

Bye Bye Blackbird Colors

Rustic and Retro, these alternating brown and green shades remind me of a woodsy birdhouse.

As a base color, the creamy white creates a simple, nostalgic backdrop. Sage green, murky green, and two simple brown shades can be mixed and matched for text, interactive elements, and feature boxes.

Good Day Colors

Inspired by the orange found at the center of so many flowers, this group feels like the interior of a wildflower.

A soft white tone layers perfectly with a buttery yellow to create a simple, calming background. Pops of vibrant orange and grassy green can be used for feature boxes and interactive elements. If you need a black substitute for text or accents, the brown-black above is both rich and rustic.

The Good Life Colors

Imagining a field of wildflower blooms, I brought together a bumblebee’s dream.

The fuchsia and mandarin orange scream look at me without competing with each other. They’re offset by a warm white and soft peach for background options. Dark green works well for text and accents.

More Color Inspiration

Find the colors you need for your next design. Just follow me on Pinterest where I post color schemes with hex codes.