The click of a CD player switching discs. It’s a noise that is fading into antiquity. Earlier today, I was reading a chapter of Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson as it described an uncomfortable dinnertime moment. That click and pause will be extinct soon.

Pauses, in general, are becoming extinct.

We live in the streaming, scrolling age. Nothing stops, not even for a moment. It’s not just the constant stimulation — stimulation from all sides is older. This new state of sound, visuals, stories and stimulation doesn’t take a breath.

As I pulled together the yellow tones this week, I considered that constant pull forward into whatever is next. Working in a field that is dictated by trends, I struggle to relish the moment.

I wanted to pull together yellow tones this week (even though most of my projects are fading into orangey hues for pre-fall designs). It’s July. I am living July — even if I am planning into September and October.