Every time I build a website for a new business, we have the same conversation about blogging. Most people think of lifestyle blogging when we talk about adding a blog to their website. However, from a development standpoint, it means your website will be able to hold posts in addition to pages. Posts can be organized by category and tag. They can also be pulled into archive pages. (By contrast, pages have a parent/child relationship). The blogging system creates a wealth of content opportunities. It’s a key part of my SEO services in Forest Virginia.

However, business owners assume I want them to write posts about what they had for dinner or their random thoughts on current events.

Common Misconceptions about Business Blogging

Business blogs should focus on producing valuable content for prospective and current customers. It’s a way for them to find and engage with your business. These posts take the form of articles, lists, and long-form content (1,500 – 3,000 words) that educates or entertains your customer.

Blog Post Ideas

Based on this, I suggest several formats for business blog posts. Some of them include:

  • How I (the story of your business)
  • Behind the Scenes of (your process)
  • How I Built ( a product) in ( a certain time)
  • The Ultimate Guide to (Idea)
  • The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a (career)
  • (#) Ways to Master (topic)
  • Launch Your (project) within (time frame)
  • The Beginner’s Guide to (topic)
  • (#) Simple and Easy Ways to Improve (topic)
  • (Thing 1) vs (Thing 2) The Ultimate Showdown
  • (#) Lies about (topic)
  • (#) Mistakes New (audience) makes
  • The Anatomy of a (descriptive word)
  • 101 (a topic)
  • The Step by Step Guide to (topic)
  • (#) Little Known Ways to (topic)
  • How to Create the perfect (topic)
  • Why is (thing one) better than (thing 2)
  • (#) Savvy Ways to (do something)
  • (#) Questions to ask before (task)
  • The Hidden Secrets behind (your industry)

Each of these formats creates a solid starting point for meaningful content related to your specific industry.

Writing for Your Business Website

As you work through posting for your business, you’ll find it’s easy to create content with this mindset. Instead of rambling about your personal life or pontificating about your industry, find ways to help your customers. Those topics should come easily for any business owner.

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