Was there ever a color more closely tied to a design aesthetic than shabby chic and soft blue? (Of course, a sprinkling of ballet-shoe pink). There’s duck egg blue, robin’s egg blue, denim blue, and even Tiffany blue. It’s nature-inspired yet elegantly chic. It’s creative and somehow restrained. This color family has such a grip on me.

When I first struck out on my own, I veered away from classic blues like royal blue or navy. I adored the softer lived-in blues.

It’s all the colors of denim stacked and waiting for me in my closet — ready to be pulled out for crisp autumn air. It’s the sky reflecting off the ocean in late morning. It’s that special little birthday card tucked into the corner of my mirror.

If I’m painting, I mix the blue with white – almost always. Add a little grey to soften the hue. And there’s a broken-in blue.


P.S. This post wouldn’t be complete without a little Rachel Ashwell pink too.