A popular, easy-to-use design tool, Canva is always growing its list of available fonts. In fact, if you have a subscription, there aren’t many popular fonts you won’t be able to access. Below are some ideas to combine Canva fonts to inspire your next design.

25 Ideas to Combine Canva Fonts

I challenge myself to create new font pairings from time to time. Sometimes, I simply jot them down in my notebook during a project. In this case, I wanted a visual record of the headline, subhead, and body copy fonts together — so I could easily grab them for client projects.

Armies Display Font with Lazord Sanz Serif Font and Garet Font

Gulfs Display Font with Gart Fontand Canva Sans Font

Klemer Display Font with Abeezee Font and Brendon Font

Playfair Display Font with Antic Font and Public Sans Font

Big Shoulders Display Font with Neue Machina Font and Rosario Font

DM Serif Display Font with Gordia Font and Agrandir Narrow Font

Red Hat Display Font with Be Vietnam Font and Telegraf Font

Noto Serif Display Extrac Font with Nourd Font and Barlow Semi Condensed Font

Foday Display Font with Alatsi Font and Hero Font

Gilda Display Font with BD Script Font and Telegraph Font

Kitsch Display Font with Amsterdam Four  Font and Alata Font

Kompot Display Font with Rosario Font and Gilam Font

South Korea Script Font with Luciole Font and PT Sans Font

Tan Headline Font with Radnika Next Font and Gordita Font

Sebian Display Font with Livvic Bold Font and Lancelot Font

Sugo Display Font with Open Sauce Light Font and Varela Round Font

Black Gold Display Font with Balgin Condensed Font and Inria Serif Font

Stadio Now Display Font with Calps Font Font and Bree Serif Font

Zico Display Black Font with Gabriel Sans Bold Font and Monterchi Serif Font

Barbara Display Font with Lexend Deca Font and Solway Font

Binggo Wood Font with Hero Font and Radley Font

Kelin Eator Font with Scandilover Script Font and Ovo Font

Fite Display Font with Overpass Font and Singel Font

Kingred Modern Font with Alata Font and Caladea Font

Nove Display Font with Gilam Bold Font and Antic Font

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