I’ve written about red before and how I painted one wall of my room red as a teenager. Red is roses and lipstick. It’s rich velvet dresses and patent leather pumps. It’s wine and pomegranates. If red is anything, it’s lust and salivating.

From a color theory perspective, red exudes confidence. We all know about that mythological study where men rated women in red as the most attractive.

Red is the tone of a mid-life hair dye to rejuvenate your senses and bring you back to that color of teen rebellion.

Its patches are stitched onto the back of a jean jacket. Red snakeskin wraps, shining, over curves and around corners. Red bleeds for strawberries and sweetly stains my lips, tongue, and teeth.

Red is the hoodie I bought at Goodwill in college. I cut it into a crop and wore it every day when I walked to work. Everyone thought it was a reference to Hard Candy. I didn’t correct them.