If I ever go back to my birth month flower project, I want to do the other flowers listed for each month. In my research, I found two options and picked my favorite to sketch. I was disappointed when I realized I picked the Daffodil for March and the Narcissus for December because they’re actually members of the same family. So the narcissus flower meaning is similar to that of a daffodil.

About Narcissus Flowers

Part of the amaryllis plant family, these blooms have six petals with a trumpet-shaped corona. They grow from a flat stem with flat leaves. They’re perennials with bulbs that stay in the ground during the winter. Most of the time, you’ll see white and yellow blooms.

According to Petal Republic, “Narcissus are native to Southern Europe and Western Africa, growing predominantly in meadows and wooded areas. However, the plant’s center of origin is in the Western Mediterranean, or more specifically, the Iberian Peninsula.”

In old English, the word “affodyle” meant “that which comes early”. It’s the common name for the flower. The latin name Narcissus refers to the myth about vanity because the flower’s head often droops (like Narcissus looking at his reflection).

Narcissus Flower Meaning

As both Narcissus and Daffodils are part of the same family they share meaning. These early spring bulbs symbolize rebirth and renewal. They can also celebrate

  • Prosperity and wealth
  • The arrival of spring
  • Good luck and happiness
  • Clarity and inspiration

More about Flower Meanings

This project started when I decided that I wouldn’t set any goals for 2019. Not for my business. Not for my art. Not for my education. Not for my personal development. I decided that I just wanted to select a project that I found inspiring. I wanted to do something positive that could keep me focused on beauty throughout the year. So, I developed a series of twelve flower sketches based on the birth month flowers.

My designs caught the attention of other local artists and shopkeepers. They’ve been a mechanism for conversations as people reach out to find out what in the world I’m doing with these designs. They’ve become a series of birth month birthday cards and flower symbolism postcards. (And I’ve had a lot of people buy them to bring to the tattoo parlor).

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