I was delighted to find that my birth month flower came in one of my favorite colors. The aster flower meaning is mostly associated with charm, wisdom and named after the star goddess Astrea.

Asters are native to Eurasia and North America. Their name comes from the Greek word for star because of the petal’s shape. They are a composite flower – growing in clusters at the top of a stem. Historically, they were used as medicinal herbs for treating headaches, colds, hangovers, and epilepsy as well as decongestants for the lungs.

Myths + Stories

The ancient Greeks used to burn the leaves of the aster plants to ward off evil spirits and snakes.  In Greek legend, when Jupiter flooded the planet to kill the fighting men. the goddess Astraea was so distraught that she turned into a star.  When Astraea wept out of sadness, her tears became stardust and created aster flowers where they landed.

Another account says that Astraea, went to heaven to become the constellation Virgo. Zeus, who saw the level of corruption on Earth, decided to cleanse it through a flood. This destruction left only two survivors. They were stranded on Mount Parnassus. On seeing this, Astra became distraught. She scattered starlight all over the earth to guide the two survivors. After the stardust settled, asters bloomed from them.

Asters are often referred to as the “herb of Venus” because they are used in preparing love potions.

A Cherokee legend says that aster represents the blue fringed dress worn by two sisters. They fled to the forest to avoid battling tribes.

In countries such as India, China, and Persia, they are carried by brides as they are considered to symbolize purity.

In France, asters were placed on the graves of fallen soldiers. They represent the wish that the battle ended differently.

Aster Flower Meaning

In the spirit of fall, asters are a pretty, spooky bloom used to mark the death of a loved one. Asters are usually used to symbolize themes like daintiness, elegance, patience, and a love of new things. They can also be used to symbolize a wistfulness for things that almost were. Also, different petal colors change the meaning.

Purple asters are the most popular shade available, and they symbolize royalty and wisdom.

White asters symbolize purity and innocence. They’re often used in wedding bouquets to symbolize the purity of the bride.

Red asters symbolize undying love and devotion.

Pink Asters represent sensitivity and carrying it can attract a lover.

Flowers & Their Meanings

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