I’m all for taking one season at a time and September is no exception. It’s almost a second summer in the south — with 90-degree days, green grass, and soft, sandled feet. Even as the sunshine stays, the leaves start to turn yellow. Days feel a little shorter. Glasses of iced tea slowly change into warm cups in the evenings. Those early, soft autumn shades peak out at at us from nature. When it comes to web designs, my Lynchburg advertising team often takes cues from the golden browns and soft oranges of September days.

Autumn Color Ideas for Web Design Projects

Fairytale pumpkins are all the rage not only for their rustic shapes and textured bumps but also for their natural pastel tones. These colors look amazing on soft, natural designs.

Fresh pumpkin seeds are another source of soft color for autumn designs. The greens and tans combine for a calm color palette.

We often think of pumpkins as neon-orange of plastic jack-o-lanterns but, real, classic pumpkins have pretty, soft tones.

In a field of green pumpkin vines, my eyes always spy sunny pumpkin blooms. What’s more beautiful than a harvest of yellow blooms?

Small, speckled squashes are my autumn mantle go-to. It’s no wonder those colors pop out of my designs this time of year. They’re pretty and the perfect part of a tan, minimalist palette.

When I create these color roundups, I use hex codes because I tend to work most in web design. If you’re designing in Canva or Illustrator, you can download my images. Then, just use the color picker tool to grab your favorite tones and add them to your palette.

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