How to Turn Your Old Linens into Wall Art (DIY Cross Stitch and Embroidery Hoop Tutorial)


Turn old needlework into a kin-folk inspired arrangement using simple embroidery hoops. My nana passed me a variety of linens, from tablecloths and napkins to runners and pillows. The styles varied but one thing caught my eye. Continue reading


Why You Need to Declutter Your Life


Clutter is such a fascinating word. Its both the individual pieces and the state of all those pieces put together. It’s an active verb. It’s a state of being. It’s a process.

Almost every self-help decluttering guide focuses on the central theme of feeling overwhelmed by stuff. You are literally tripping over things and it gets in the way of your life. My personal (and continuing) journey to decluttering started with similar frustration.

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5 Plants to Propogate as Gifts

Bamboo leaves

I love giving plants as gifts, even when they are misguided. One summer, I had two friends who were both pregnant with similar due dates. The first, Meg, was a free spirit. She had a soft, cozy home and we often talked about our furniture restoration projects. The one, Jess, was a settled-in city girl. She stored clothes in her oven because she didn’t like to cook and enjoyed traveling.

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