I’m not a “hot mess mom” but, we can still be friends.

When you are childfree, parenting seems like it’s one big club. Parents say things like, “…you can’t possibly understand because you don’t have kids.” Like so many other life milestones, this seems to make sense. That once you have a child, you’ll understand all the “mom things”. Continue reading

A Pattern Passion Project

This thing started when I decided that I wouldn’t set any goals for 2019.

Not for my business.

Not for my art.

Not for my education.

Not for my personal development.

I decided that I just wanted to select a project that I found inspiring. I wanted to do something positive that could keep me focused on beauty throughout the year.

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15 Minutes to Tame: 15 Areas You Can Organize in 15 Minutes

cool coffee table


When I got my first apartment, I quickly became aware that homes take work to maintain. Each item takes up space and I wanted as much space as possible to be peaceful and creative. But the process of decluttering can be time consuming, especially when you try to tackle an entire room. One trick is to break up each room into several smaller tasks, cleaning each slowly.

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