If you’re looking for ways to increase your Facebook followers, try running this St. Patrick’s Day campaign. I’ve built the campaign around a core Facebook function that can help you use a giveaway to increase your business page’s followers.

Goal: Increase Page Followers

Essentially, you run a campaign that creates engagement. Then, you can invite those people to “Like” and “Follow” your page.

St. Patrick’s Day Sales Event for Facebook

Since St. Patrick’s Day is such a whimsical holiday, it works well for a social media giveaway. The goal of this giveaway is to increase your total follower count on your Facebook page using the “Invite” function.

  • Giveaway: Start by creating a giveaway post focusing on the idea of “Feelin’ Lucky.” Make sure the item is a high enough value to encourage participation.
  • Boosted Post: Boost your post to extend your offer’s visibility beyond your current followers.
  • Page Invites: Facebook allows you to “invite” people to like your page if they either like or comment on your post.
  • Extended Offer: Use the comments section to send coupon codes to everyone that participates.

This plan uses Facebook’s tools to leverage engagement to grow your page followers.

How to Set Up the Campaign for St. Patrick’s Day

To create your campaign, write a post that reflects the details of your giveaway. Text should include:

  • The name of the giveaway item and it’s value
  • The rules to enter: “To enter, please like this post and comment PICK ME!”
  • Notes about how you are selecting the winner, dates of contest, and date of winner announcement
  • Disclaimer noting any partnerships. Also, you must clarify that Facebook is not involved with your giveaway.

Next, upload your image or graphic. Ideally, you should include at least one image of the winning item.

Once your post is written, pin it to the top of your page. Announce it on your other social media accounts and on your website, asking people to go to Facebook to enter.

Also, you can boost your post to extend the audience beyond your page followers. I’ve found that campaigns that run for 10 days get the best results. It seems to take Facebook a few days to optimize an audience, especially if it’s niche.

(Be sure to uncheck the “Instagram” placement if you don’t have an Instagram page.)

After your contest ends, select and announce your winner. You’ll want to do this in a separate post and update your original post.

Finally, comment on each of the original entries and tell them they can use a coupon code to get additional savings. It’s a way to thank them for participating. Also, it incentivizes them to enter into future contests — everyone’s a winner.

As you’re working on your final post edits, click on the post’s likes. You’ll see an option to invite everyone to like your page. Add everyone from this list and watch as your page likes and followers increase.

Free St. Patrick’s Day Graphics

Below are some free graphics that you can edit with your own sales event text. There’s room for a small message and your shop’s logo. Just download and edit in your favorite program.

campaign for St. Patrick's Day

Social Post Click on the image to download. No credit necessary but, I would love it if you share this post.

campaign for St. Patrick's Day

Cover Image: Click on the image to download. No credit necessary but, I would love it if you share this post.

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