This post is for anyone who needs help with their store. Whether you’re selling online, through events, or in a brick-and-mortar location, our Lynchburg Marketing Agency can help.

What is The Shop Shop?

In short, The Shop Shop is a Lynchburg Marketing Agency for makers, estores, and retailers.

I’m Danielle Verderame, and this is my agency.

The Shop Shop turns things up a notch for me. This agency focuses my 15-year marketing career and 5-year freelance business (Verderame, LLC) into a boutique agency. And it’s all focused on retail.

I’ve brought together a small team that specializes in marketing services for makers, eStores, and retailers. Working with us is simple. I am the main point of contact on all my accounts. I visit in person or schedule phone calls to discuss your projects. My team members are all located in Central VA and we work together closely. (No passing you off to a junior coordinator after you sign!)

Logo for The Shop Shop -- a Lynchburg Marketing Agency

The Story Behind The Shop Shop

I am a writer first. I specialize in content-heavy websites, bringing together my professional communication experience with my imaginative aesthetic. Most of the time, I optimize small business websites for search and social media to generate more traffic — and more sales. I’ve worked as an in-house marketer, in leadership at several agencies, and as a specialized subcontractor. I’ve also enjoyed a freelance career as a content marketer — collaborating directly with publications and brands.

Through Verderame, LLC. I offer my services to small businesses who need assistance with their websites, content, and search engine optimization.

About Verderame, LLC.

In 2018, I formalized my freelance writing and marketing business by forming Verderame, LLC. in Lynchburg, Virginia. This brought together my experience writing for publications with my conversion-focused content marketing skills. Typically, I work with clients that are located in Central Virginia or have ties to the area. Proximity to clients facilitates a rich and authentic narrative with thoughtful messaging, photography, and design elements.

My services focus on WordPress websites (especially eStores) and search engine optimization. Related tactics include:

  • Copywriting
  • SEO & SEM
  • Photography
  • Instagram and Facebook Branding
  • Website Design & Development

My work stands out because I build website designs that ensure the content thrives on search. I separate myself from other marketing professionals with:

  • Custom illustrations, patterns, and other design elements
  • Unique typography with an emphasis on readability on all browsers and devices
  • Specially-crafted messaging that speaks to your niche audience while also boosting SERP ranking

As I built my small business, I discovered and trained smart people. They helped me scale my one-person operation to a true team. So, I gave that team a name and turned our most popular projects into service packages.

Hiring a Lynchburg Marketing Agency

Our team ensures your products are online and ready to sell. And you can get back to the parts of your business that you love.

We’re ready to maintain, manage, and promote your store on any platform including WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, Square Online (Weebly), Comment Sold, Pinterest Shops, and Meta (Facebook/Instagram) Shops.

You do your thing. We find the customers.

Who We Help

We’re the best fit for two types of clients with ongoing marketing initiatives.

First, we work well with clients who are doing their own marketing but can’t afford a full-service agency. This is a critical growth point for many business owners. Our service packages have clear pricing and they’re focused, essential projects for retail marketing.

Second, we work well with overworked in-house marketing professionals. Many of our clients have someone who is already running the Instagram accounts, creating great graphics, and photographing beautiful lifestyle shots. But, they need our particular, technical skills or they just don’t have enough hours to get everything done.

Finally, we have several flat-rate packages for one-time projects like new website design, event-focused campaigns, or site-wide SEO.

Our Services

We can send you a simple price list of flat-rate services, detailing the scope of the project.

Product Photos and Listings

We take photos of your products, write the description and get them up on your preferred platform. To take the photos, we can 1) come to you, 2) pick up/drop off, 3) receive them via post. Once we have the products in hand, we take those essential product photos for listings on a clean, white, infinity background. We edit them and crop them to fit perfectly in the listing. We also measure and weigh the items so we can load shipping specs. Finally, we write the listing category while optimizing it for search.

We’ve found this is such a pain point for our clients because it takes valuable time away from other areas of the business. Our careful process gets your products up fast with zero hassle for you.

Also, we offer “romance” images like flat lays, environmental shoots, custom backdrops, and even model shoots. If you add this to the product photoshoot, it creates a pipeline of endless content images featuring your products. In-house, social media managers love it!

eStore Design + Maintenance

Most of our website work involves “little fixes” to an existing store. In fact, we get super excited when we can save a client time and money by adjusting a site (instead of pushing them to completely rebuild). If something about your website is glitchy or annoying, we can fix it.

If you aren’t online yet, we can design and build an online store to promote your products. Our process creates beautiful, custom stores that are easy for you to edit. Then, we train you to own the eStore. You can edit the products, track your orders, and update the content. We’d love to do this for you but, want to make sure you can edit it too.

Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook Marketing

Selling online used to be easy. But, the social media landscape has changed over the last few years. Now, our clients find that constant content churn often pulls them away from actually running their businesses.

We can help with anything from product launches to ongoing branding campaigns.

Many of our clients hire us for product photos + listings. Then, they ask us to handle the promotion. It’s easy to coordinate because we’re already in the app loading the products. Why not schedule the promotions and tag the products in your content too?

Email Marketing

We will make the most of that valuable connection between your POS (point of sale) system and your CRM (customer relationship management) tools.

Need an abandon cart automation? Let us set it up.

Want to send a coupon to loyal customers? We’ll send the eblast.

Excited to launch a new product? Let’s raise that email open rate.

We have the technical expertise to troubleshoot problems with syncs and manage customer lists — and the creative ability to make people open, read, and buy.

Retargeting (& Remarketing) Ads

Does your website have a lot of new users but, the return visits are dwindling? Retargeting ads can help you nurture that website visitor into an actual sale. To set these up, we apply code to your website that allows us to track and target visitors once they visit your site. These campaigns offer a lot of ways to customize the experience including what kind of products you’re promoting and how long you want the ads to “follow” visitors.

Product SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Sometimes, our clients already have someone handling the photos and descriptions for their products. But, they’re frustrated at their organic traffic. We can come alongside and edit your products so that they rank higher on search.

If you’re not already on Google Ads, Google Search Console, and Google Merchant Center, we can connect your website to those tools. Then, we can review your current state and report back our findings.

We can help you create an advertising plan and optimization plan based on your website’s needs.

How We Do It

I don’t like pretending. The Shop Shop doesn’t have a physical location. I’m a small business owner that meets clients at their stores (or in coffee shops). I have a team that works mostly over Zoom (or in coffee shops). We get out there. We drive to where the action is.

What It’s Like to Work with Us

I’m just a millennial who got tired of doing marketing that simply doesn’t work. I watch the numbers. I say “no” to vanity projects if they won’t boost your sales. And I’m willing to talk directly about the limitations of your budget until we come up with a plan that makes sense.

  • Communication: During a campaign, I send weekly updates, letting you know of any changes, questions, or important details. I always include a summary report at the end of a campaign. If a client runs an ongoing campaign, I send a monthly report.
  • Security: I have strict security protocols for advertising accounts and websites. I have a team of 3 other professionals whom I’ve personally trained to assist me with my accounts (i.e. data entry, quality assurance, and proofreading). They’re all local to Central Virginia and we work together closely. I never outsource to other marketing teams or overseas ad groups.
  • Visibility: You’ll have full access to any reports and primary ownership of your accounts, and we can discuss questions about the campaign anytime. I’m also interested in feedback from your team. Conversations about your customer’s in-store experience, and discussions about other channels, usually drive the creative and inspire better campaigns.

The Process

My life is built around one simple concept: Friday emails. Yes, every Friday I email everyone. My clients get project updates. My subcontractors get their tasks for the following week. We keep everything moving and focused on the project.

  • Phase One: When you work with me, communication is everything. At the first meeting, we will identify the primary person approving the creative and anyone who you would like kept in the loop. We will discuss your project goals and brand.
  • Phase Two: Next, I develop a strategy and creative based on our prior discussions. I send these for review and edits. Most of the time, this takes place over email. We can also set up a video meeting to review the visual aspects of the project.
  • Phase Three: Once you approve the final version, I will launch the creative. At this time, we discuss any ongoing tracking or reporting related to your project.

If you’re interested, you can find examples of my work in my portfolio. You can also watch what I’m working on right now by visiting my profiles on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook.

What’s next for your Lynchburg Marketing Agency?

Right now, I’m splitting my time between working directly with my clients and subcontracting for other agencies. I’d like to find new clients who work directly with my team. Because we have lower overhead, we’re the perfect fit for growing stores and new brands. We get so excited watching our client’s sales tick up month after month.

Maybe one day we’ll have a coworking space, studio, office, or maybe we’ll always enjoy that digital nomad life.

Right now, I know this is the best way to operate for myself, my team, and my clients. If that sounds like you, please reach out to me at